Recommendations by Poppies Florist

At Poppies we pride ourselves on the work we produce and our customer service, we are often asked to recommend other companies that offer different parts of the wedding package. We are nervous about recommending as we would not like one our customers to have a bad experience because of someone we recommended, so anyone that we recommend on this page we will know the standard of work they produce and we will feel happy recommending them.

Florist up My Street

We would recommend Florist up my Street so what Is Florist Up My Street?

They  are the connection between the customer and the bespoke Florist ensuring that the customer can order simply, and have first rate customer service from the destination local florist at a fair price with a quality product.  You Search in the area you want flowers delivered, choose the florist from our list, they show you their designs, their own creativity and you place your order.

They work with local, independent florists and make it easier to get orders to them,  they give the florist an easy way to get found online, but also ensure that the highest standards are maintained and this is why we are a member, so why not try it and connect With Florist Up My Street.

Florist Up My Street

Florist Up My Street




“So polished, so entertaining and so much fun. James created a most memorable day for us and absolutely bowled everyone over with his magic and charm. If you want an event that everyone will remember, James is your man. It’s not just his superb skills, it’s his passion for entertaining and mystifying you and the elegance and warmth with which he delivers everything” Belinda Thompson

James Brown