Valentines Day

“Say it with flowers “

Bouquets start from £30 with FREE LOCAL DELIVERY

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A Dozen Red Roses £50

Half a Dozen Roses £22.50



Half a Dozen Roses in a Box £27.50

Spring Flowers in Water £15


Long Lasting Bunch of Flowers £12 Collection Only


Mix of Spring Flowers £4 Collection Only


So why all the different prices for red roses for

Valentines Day ??

Let me try and explain!! • there is a demand for them, so growers have to grow more, they employ more staff to make sure they reach their peak at the right time (no good having them ready on the 15th is it !!) • they have to pick them, pack them, sell them and then wholesalers buy them, they get exported all round the world. • Wholesalers need to order in large quantities to get good prices. • Florists need to order in advance to ensure they have what they want and at a good price
Now before you start moaning at a florist, we don’t dictate the price, the price comes from the growers, it pays extra staff to help grow the extra roses that you want. Many local, independent florists try and keep their prices down, often making very little profit on red roses just so that their customers get the best value for money at the time of the year.
So why can some of the big chain stores do a dozen for £25? because they are short, small headed, they are not presented in gift wrapping, in water with lashings of foliage and berries or fluffy white stuff!! Many of them are delivered flat in a box, looking limp and unloved for your special someone to arrange themselves.
Yes your local florist could buy these roses, but when we sell 60cm, 70cm even 80cm roses, top grade, all year round why are we going to sell you rubbish on Valentines Day?
There is nothing more impressive than a beautiful bouquet of roses, or maybe a mixed bouquet with a rose in but do the right thing, find a real florist, call them, pop in and ask what they can do for you, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your loved one. And when they last a week, two weeks, sometimes even three, then that’s value for money. Roses should not die after two days !! as long as they are cared for properly